NUJ branch to focus on London photographers

Freelancers in London are among those who will soon be able join the first ever photographers’ branch in the history of the National Union of Journalists.

The union’s executive committee approved a motion to set up the branch, in a move that recognises the unique and growing challenges facing the capital’s photographers.

It is the first time NUJ members have been organised into a branch on the grounds of the specific job they do – rather than the sector of the industry they work in.

The proposal that freelance photographers who live or work in London deserve their own branch was put forward by a NUJ meeting of photographer activists in July.

The meeting heard that the branch will be able to coordinate the NUJ’s campaigns, such as the legal rights of photographers, and support for photographers in London.

“The new London photographers’ branch will be all about giving members the opportunity to campaign on the issues that matter to them,” said Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ deputy general secretary.

“Whether it's fighting cutbacks, highlighting the problems of covering public events or standing up for copyright, this new branch will give London photographers a chance to make their voices heard.”

Photographers in London now have the choice of transferring to the new branch or staying in their current branch - for example London Freelance or London Magazine.


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