Freelance Round-Up: This month in design

Invoice Like A Pro

Smashing magazine has published an informative post on invoicing best practices which complements FreelanceUK's "How to write your invoice". It is, after all, a necessity for freelancers and something we do on a regular basis so it's worth knowing how it do it right and whilst we're at it, why not make our invoices look the part too.

By informing your customers of your expectations, highlighting your payment terms and demonstrating a professional attitude, it will ensure you're taken seriously and paid on time. Provided are also plenty of great visual examples of invoice designs submitted by readers - some of which challenge the notion that an invoice should be a boring table of figures and dates.

The article wraps up by providing a list of tried and tested online invoicing applications to help you manage and track your invoices. One application which isn't on the list and is my preferred choice is Xero. It's a slightly more robust application that not only manages invoicing but pretty much your complete accounts. If you're just after managing your time and raising invoices however, there's also Ronin who offer Freelancer Alliance members a free trial followed by 20% off.

The Fun Theory

Volkswagen have launched a website called The Fun Theory dedicated to the simple idea that making something fun can really change people's behaviour for the better. Whether it be keeping our parks litter free, recycling glass bottles or even ditching the escalator to take the stairs and burning off a few calories. There are a few video examples of some great ideas that have actually been executed, now who wouldn't want to run up and down giant piano staircase. There's also a competition running if you have any fun theories of your own.

365: AIGA Year in Design 30

AIGA have a extensive online archive of contemporary design that alone is a wonderful resource for inspiration. There is however, a section dedicated to the best design of of the past year AIGA Year In Design 30 . The disciplines range from logo design and branding through to book cover design and packaging with something literally for everyone. There is some truly wonderful work from the usual suspects such as Pentagram and Wolff Olins but also great pieces from lesser known and up and coming design agencies making a name for themselves.

Art Vinyl's sleeves of the year

Art Vinyl has opened up voting in its annual poll for best record sleeve design of 2009. Last year's winner was Fleet Foxes and it's up to you, the voters, who wins this year's coveted title. A clear front-runner is the design for The Rakes' 3rd album, Klang. You can read all about the inspiration behind and the making of this wonderfully typographic sleeve on the Creative Review Blog.

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23rd November 2009

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