Freelancers’ photo handbook updated

Keeping to deadlines for photographers is a must, as the Bureau of Freelance Photographers has shown by publishing its handbook on October 1st every year for more than a quarter of century.

True to form, the organisation has just released its 2010 edition of the Freelance Photographer’s Market Handbook, providing photographers with an insider’s network on how to make it alone.

With nearly 1,000 listings, the handbook reveals the types of photos that magazines and other clients want; where the photos should be sent and what photographers will be paid in return.

As well as the subject matter required by each publication, which may be specialist, trade or consumer, each listing details the formats required and the best person to address them to.

In addition to magazines, the handbook includes the phone numbers of national newspaper picture desks, alongside other photo outlets, like books, greetings cards, postcards, calendars and posters.

More than 100 picture agencies are also featured, which the BFP admits represents only a handful of the leading players – quite a contrast to the first edition 26 years ago which listed the 40 or so in the whole of the UK.

“It may seem hard to believe now, but in those days most magazines relied almost entirely on monochrome photography and photographers supplying the market were busy producing black and white prints,” the bureau said.

“But what has stayed much the same is that magazines, agencies and other outlets continue to rely on freelancers to supply the bulk of their imagery.”

The handbook, aimed at aspiring, new and established freelance photographers, is available through WH Smith and other good booksellers.

Alternatively, it can be bought from the publishers at £16.95 including p&p. Phone 020 8882 3315 to order or send a cheque to BFP Books, Focus House, 497 Green Lanes, London N13 4BP.


16th October 2009

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