Creatives get the most from online career profiles

Workers in creative roles are tapping into the benefits of having a business profile online more quickly and with greater success than their counterparts in any other industry.

Those who work in the publishing, media or advertising sector are the likeliest workers in the UK to have both built a professional brand and used it to advance their careers.

Some 61 per cent of creatives said they had a business profile online that was important to their career, and 53 per cent said it had been useful for finding new opportunities.

Creatives get more out of building, developing and maintaining their business profile than computer workers.

Overall, creatives testify to the rewards of having a landing page for their careers more than workers in seven other industries, including those in telecoms, financial services, education and travel.

The research shows creatives understand the importance of a good brand profile in the business world, similar to the personal brands created by celebrities for the entertainment world, said LinkedIn, which produced the findings from a survey it commissioned of 2,000 UK adults.

Senior figures in organisations emerged as being ahead of the curve when it came to cyber careers, whereas younger members of staff appeared less active in building a professional life online, suggesting young professionals have been slow to transfer their social networking skills to their professional lives. People in London were the keenest to post details about their careers to the Web.

Of those UK workers with an online professional profile, nearly a quarter said it had directly led to new business contacts, while 17 per cent claimed it generated new business or sales leads.

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