Chinwag Live: Search is Dead, Long Live Search

Whilst Google remains dominant in the world of search, its effectiveness is being challenged from a range of new services including Microsoft's Bing ( 0.9% growth in 2 months since launch) and Yahoo partnership, with many other semantic search tools entering the fray. These new avenues throw a spotlight on the world of SEO. Can we really optimize effectively for these multiple search platforms?

Along with the growth of real-time search and social media coverage from traditional search engines, we see the rising popularity of ‘social media search’ tools such as Twitter, Social Mention, Digg, and StumbleUpon. What does this mean for brands? Must search marketing change its tools and techniques?

And for users, what happens when the quality of search is affected by effective SEO that places less relevant results higher in the rankings?  Will search behaviour change away from standard search platforms? Or can semantic search technology restore user confidence? Join us as we explore how marketers and SEO specialists can optimise for these new-fangled search technologies. And is this truly a new era for search?


21st September 2009

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