Pay rates plunge for freelance designers

Daily pay rates for freelance designers have fallen by 17.25 per cent in the past year, partly on the back of higher availability of candidates due to redundancies.

Alongside general belt-tightening, the flood of new freelance candidates caused the pay cut, which is the headline finding from a new survey of designers and their recruiters.

The cuts have hit senior creatives the hardest, as freelance directors took home £261 a day, compared with £288 in 2007, shows the poll by industry bible Design Week.

Although the full results are due to be unveiled later today, an initial scan of the survey is said to suggest that the freelance design market has been flooded by recently laid off employees.

More positively for freelancers, the magazine’s results will also show that an increase in freelance rates of up to 8.75 per cent is expected to grace the market over the next 12 months.

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