Mac evangelist framed in sex video link

A Mac evangelist’s Twitter account has been hijacked to spread malware by directing his contacts to an apparent video of a young Hollywood actress having sex.

The website’s feed for Apple fan Guy Kawasaki recently linked his 140,000 followers to explicit clips of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester.

Once users agreed to download the codec to view the video, which never emerges, the page scanned their system to determine which malware to install, Mac or Windows.

Security experts pointed out that the attack was the second time in recent weeks that hackers have targeted Apple computer users with the lure of X-rated videos.

Apple users were implied to have become too dismissive about malware, and the likelihood of it damaging their system, for it being a Windows-focussed enterprise.

“The fact is that malware does exist for Apple Mac,” said Graham Cluley, technology consultant at Sophos, in an advisory that identified the attacker as OSX/Jahlav-C.

“And more than just existing, it is being actively distributed by hackers; you [Mac users] cannot keep your head in the sand any longer about this.”

He added that many Mac users were still failing to run anti-malware software, “thinking themselves immune” to malicious programmes and cyber crime.

Twitterers were also warned to be on their guard because, as this attack demonstrates, the online network does not scan the links which it displays for users to click.


7th July 2009

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