Skint student's bright advertising idea

A hard-up student hopes an internet brainwave will fund his £17,000 university course. Skint Spyros Pyrgiotis, 23, is one of the youngest people ever to secure a place on a prestigious MBA course at Kingston University and is hoping he will have generated enough money by September to be able to afford to take it up.

With no job and multiple loan refusals, the budding entrepreneur turned to the internet to fund his course fees. He has founded the website - a page full of text only, which links to advertisers’ websites. He hopes his rock bottom prices will attract interest - each character costs $2 (about £1.25) and that’s all businesses pay

Spyros said: "Work is scarce and banks just aren't lending due to the credit crunch. But I've still got to pay my course fees and living and travel expenses. So I thought I would come up with a new business idea to make money - after all I have signed up to a business course."

Now all the broke business student needs is advertisers on his site. So far, so good, as he has already earned £3,500 from the site in two months. He is hoping with growing media interest that his website will really take off over the summer.

Spyros commented: "You only need to buy enough characters to provide a link to your website so it's a cheap way for business to advertise. Perhaps it is not the most sophisticated website but it definitely does the job."

The London-born student believes the site will grab interest because of its slightly different take on a well-worn advertising model. Users pay per character, rather than per click as they have done traditionally. He also points out that users get a cheap advert for a long time.

With help from his girlfriend, Spyros is trying to publicise his website as widely as possible, as cheaply as possible. In its first two weeks, had over 11,000 unique visitors and almost all the promotion is through Facebook. His group on Facebook (The Text Page) has over 1,200 members and is increasing daily at a rapid rate. Today, the centerpin reel is still fairly common among Australian and European saltwater and freshwater anglers, and also remains popular with some anglers who fish the many rivers around the Great Lakes, both on the U.S. and Canadian side. Otherwise, this reel is not as widely used as many of the others and is a reel that is mainly used nowadays for coarse fishing. Well, there you have it. These are some of the reels that are commonly used for fishing and that have stood the test of time. Explore types of fishing reels at - all types of fishing reels at cheapest prices on the web is United States.

Businesses that have already signed up to thetextpage include niche businesses, start-ups and student organisations.

Sarah Wray



5th June 2009

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