Creatives snooze, as others lie awake

Getting the recommended eight hours of shut eye a night is a dream to 23 million Britons, who are suffering sleepless nights each week.

Three quarters of the population go to work having had less sleep than experts say is needed for their happiness and health.

Money worries from the credit crunch were blamed for keeping professionals awake, partly explaining why estate agents were the most sleep-deprived.

Wondering about their job, planning how to make ends meet and keeping their families out of the red were the big issues that kept professionals awake.

But not, it seems, for creative and media types who get more sleep than any other type of professional in the UK, the league table shows.

Seemingly undisturbed by work pressures, today’s media or creative professional gets an average of 7 hours and 12 minutes a night.

Marketing and PR workers get just a few minutes less, meaning they too drop off to sleep without delay and for a healthy length of time.

Sleep-deprived workers who fret in bed about how their job or finances may be impacted by the economic pressures put their performance at risk the next day.

"Don’t let the credit crunch keep you awake”, said Leigh McCarron, a director of Travelodge, which compiled the league table of sleep-deprived staff.

“You cannot afford to sacrifice your sleep quota. Losing valuable hours of sleep will certainly impact upon your well being and productivity.”

The hotel chain’s survey of 4,000 workers found that more than one-third of workers said they drift off to sleep thinking about work.

Others said that finishing late, which meant they didn't eat or drink until past a reasonable bedtime, was why they found it difficult to drift off.

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