Design festival opens in Singapore

Thousands of people will next month tune into podcasts, webcasts and audio blogs to follow the brightest minds at a respected design and communication festival.

Organisers of the World Effie Festival, a Singapore-based celebration of creative effectiveness, said the event’s ‘virtual audience’ should reach 10,000 worldwide.

Unlike other annual design extravaganzas, the event focuses on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, rather than just the ideas behind their copy and visuals.

An estimated 2,000 creative, design and marketing professionals are expected to attend the event, the majority of whom will travel overseas from Asia, America and Europe.

They will listen to the insights and experiences of marketing, design and creative experts at the top of their fields, and see their case studies on effective communication campaigns.

Delegates will cover a wide array of pertinent topics, while keeping cool in a series of provocative presentations by ‘Thought Catalysts’ intended to challenge conventional thinking.

Speakers at the event, which is normally held in New York, include Lord Sebastian Coe, Simon Clift, global CMO of Unilever, and Allen Olivo, a senior marketing executive for Yahoo.

Joining Lord Coe, known recently for leading London’s successful bid for the Olympic Games in 2012, will be Larry Flanagan, CMO of Mastercard and Dr Vijay Mallya, chairman of India’s United Breweries and Kingfisher Airlines.

A virtual audience of more than 10,000 people is expected to follow the World Effie Festival over the internet, through live blogs and webcasts made available during and after the event.

Attendees, however, can choose from a number of master classes including, “How do designers ensure that their designs ‘work’?” and “How to use digital platforms creatively.”

To register for the event on February 28th and 29th please visit the WEF 2008 website, where footage, podcasts and multimedia from the event are expected to be posted.


23rd January 2008

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