Photos aren't inspiration just for the famous

She is thought to be one of its most reluctant targets but Kate Middleton – the girlfriend of Prince William – is preparing for a career behind the camera lens.

Details seen by two national papers claim the 26-year-old will learn the art of photography from Mario Testino, the oft-chosen photographer of Diana, Princess of Wales.

A meeting to discuss the mentorship, which will see Ms Middleton work alongside Mr Testino in his New York studios, has already taken place, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The photographer, who counts Kate Moss and Madonna among his subjects, is best known for his photos of the princess for Vogue just months before her death in 1997.

Since then, the 53-year-old is reported to have forged a close relationship with Princes William and Harry, who chose his photos for the concert on the 10th anniversary of her death.

Testino reportedly came to London in 1976, bought a flat in an abandoned hospital near Trafalgar Square and began selling portfolios for £25.

Although his timetable for Ms Middleton is under wraps, he is expected to begin tutoring her in March, following her decision in October last year to quit her retail job.

Separately, another well-known photographer – Alison Jackson – also made headlines this week for finding – finally - a bunch of Gordon Brown look-alike - well sort of.

Jackson, who has made a career snapping look-alikes in amusing situations, had to go to new lengths to find the double of the PM because, not least, of his large head and sizeable jaw.

She resorted to asking Esquire magazine to aid in the search, and appeared on BBC News appealing for any man with the said- features, a lopsided bite and a comb-across haircut to come forward.

On Monday, auditions in Mayfair (more will follow in Glasgow) proved somewhat successful thanks to Richard Wade, 54, who emerged as the man most identical to Gordon Brown.

Other contenders to be photographed as ‘Gordon Brown’ should note that wigs, make-up and even prosthetics will be used to help achieve the desired look.

In much more sobering example of how photography can be used, a wedding photograph of three-year-old Sophie Ripley saved her life, the Telegraph reported.

Her parents reportedly looked at the snap days later when they noticed Sophie’s eye had a black spot, prompting them to consult a specialist.

The diagnosis was retinoblastoma which causes cancerous tumours to grow in the eyes. Sophie’s eye has since been removed, in an operation that saved her life.


23rd January 2008

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