Freelancer 'honoured' to enter digital bible

A freelance designer whose creations were last year “nowhere” except in his bedroom has proved self-learning can bring recognition both locally and worldwide.

Matt Smith, 36, has won interest from the Think Pink exhibition, a showcase of gay artwork in Hastings, which will hang three of his digital works this December.

He’s also been asked to submit his 3D artwork to Exotique 3 , the digital design industry's bible showcasing the world’s most beautiful computer generated characters.

Although the two events are not connected, they represent new levels of success for Mr Smith, who for ten years has worked self-employed as a graphic designer.

He told FreelanceUK: “I entered Ballistic publishing's call for entries for Exotique…last year and got absolutely nowhere.

“It's comforting to know that in 12 months, my knowledge has improved within the 3D arena.

“Most of my influences and my teachers are featured in this book, so it's a great honour and privilege to be featured alongside them.”

Two of his digital characters have been published in the book, which is available worldwide and features 292 artworks by 197 artists from over 40 nations.

Closer to home, the freelance says networking and being a “gallery fanatic” has helped him turn the heads of local authors, exhibitors and, now; online journalists.

Smith hopes the press will be interested in him next year as well.

“I was offered the Think Pink exhibit after I showed some work to the moderator there,” he said yesterday.

“I will probably have…three pieces showing, and then hopefully next year will have my own show.

“The theme will be reproducing aspects of former master pieces in 3D format and viewing it from a different angle.”

Smith gets a lot of his inspiration from internet-based galleries, which he says are a must-visit for any creative seeking to showcase their work.

“In terms of exposure, I'm a bit of a gallery fanatic - there's a whole array of websites that I have signed up to…It's the only way artists can get maximum exposure.”

He recommended sites including Blogspot, flickr, Imaginefx, CCG Society, Renderosity and Artzone.

And for the future, Smith plans more of what he’s been doing - namely self-teaching, persistence and digital experimentation.

“I’m currently learning to use zBrush which is industry standard, and an awesome application that allows you to model with 'digital clay' in real time.

“As an exercise, I have re-created one of Boris Vallejo's paintings - this may be included in the Think Pink exhibition, but it’s yet to be confirmed.”

Reflecting on Exotique 3, he added: “Hopefully some of you might buy it as it really supports the digital artists worldwide.”


23rd October 2007

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