Digital users called to capture 'news'

Digital camera owners who think they’ve captured the essence of ‘news’ are invited to compete for the admirations of over 200,000 fellow photographers.

Community website Woophy - World of Photography, is staging its third annual competition to find images that depict news from all over the world.

Independent photo professionals will judge the entries every month from now until December, with a winner every month, until the overall winner emerges in January.

Yet the judging panel, comprising world press photographers and cinematographers, won’t be looking for traditional news agency snaps, as Woophy explained.

The site, which boasts a global membership of over 200,000 people, said it “wants to see what’s considered ‘news’ to people living in all different corners of the world.”

Whether ‘news’ means your local pie-eating contest, a colourful street parade, or even your personal take on issues like climate change or globalisation, your ‘news’ snaps are wanted.

There are three categories: Raging Reporter is for the camera owner who may have arrived first to a local incident, event or goings-on. Pictures will be judged on local newsworthiness

World News/Big world events – is for images that people across the other side of the globe would instantly recognise – images in this category are of wars, floods, political meetings.

And the third category, Background/Below the surface, is for the pictures that that while high in quality, fall away from front-pages and people’s memories, despite being arresting.

Prizes on offer include an Olympus camera; Joby Gorilla pods, photo-imaging software, photo albums and T-shirts, not to mention exposure to all Woophy members.

All winning photographs will also become part of a Woophy photo exhibition to be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in the spring of 2008.

Organisers said entrants can only submit pictures that have already been uploaded onto Woophy, meaning non-members must join the website, which is hassle-free and free-of-charge.

Woophy's founders say the aim of their site is to create an accessible, visual, current, democratic and collective work of art in a database picturing our remarkable world.


20th September 2007

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