Digital designers called to compete

Digital designers who’ve achieved something original or creative by using technology are invited to compete in a nationwide competition.

As part of the London Design Festival, designers and technicians are now entering their creations into the Y Design Awards 2007, which for the first time has 15 separate categories.

These include; best video, best game design, best viral campaign, best interactive website, best online application, best not-for-profit campaign, and best young designer.

Regardless of how they fare in the contest, each applicant will get feedback on their design in the form of a score rating, which can be compared against other entrants.

The judging panel, which is comprised of five industry heavyweights, may also leave comments and suggestions on how their design could be developed or improved.

The judges will then pick one winner in each category, before announcing them at a strictly “no dress code” awards ceremony next month in London.

Trophies will be awarded to each winner but there is a bigger prize at stake: each winner gains entry into the People’s Choice Award. This will be decided by the public voting online.

Organisers of the competition say the 15 winners will be given their own dedicated web page that will showcase their designs. Press releases detailing the 15 will then be sent to the relevant media outlets.

The most exposure, however, will go the winner of the People’s Choice Award, whose creation will be hailed as an unparalleled contribution to the UK’s digital design industry.

The organisers said: “A Y Design Award demonstrates that the highest standards been met for your site in terms of design, creativity and originality.

“This is an exceptional way to demonstrate your professionalism to clients or senior management. The award will help you differentiate yourself from your competition.”

For further details of the competition, which is open until August 31, 2007, including how to enter, please see the competition’s dedicated web page at:


17th August 2007

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