Firms get a free marketing review

Company owners are taking advantage of a free comprehensive review of their marketing strategy from a consultant with over 15 years’ experience promoting businesses.

Sean Welham, 42, says his Web-based self-assessment tool can also be used by freelance marketers, who serve the promotional needs of medium-sized and large companies.

Asked how micro companies can be convinced to take marketing seriously, he told Freelance UK: “I believe that every enterprise, large or small, has a marketing strategy already.”

He added: “They may be focused on growth, client retention, share of wallet, or margins, but essentially they have a marketing strategy – they may not call it that, but that is what it is.”

Users of the online tool, which Mr Welham unveiled to coincide with the launch of his business consultancy, can assess their marketing prowess against eight core competencies.

These include brand and product management, e-business and internet; pricing for value, customer insight, innovation and new products, as well as tactical execution.

Having filled in data pertinent to their marketing activities, users of the tool are returned a 3,000-word report that identifies potential problems and areas where skills are underutilized.

Users of the free tool, which returns the report in about fifteen minutes, should emerge with a clearer view of their marketing capabilities, as well as their potential deficiencies.

For micro firms and freelancers, the ultimate goal is making them see marketing as an engine that can drive the business forward over any given time-scale, Mr Welham said yesterday.

He told Freelance UK: “The real challenge is to get smaller businesses to think of the future, where do they want to be in three years form now? One year? Six months? Next week?

“And what actions they need to take to get there? Even if they are not looking for absolute growth, they should look for margin growth, share of wallet growth, [or other tangibles such as] customer loyalty.

“Ultimately, what is their exit strategy? If the business is to survive the founder it must develop its own personality and character – creating this is the essence of marketing.”

To use the tool, please see Sean
Welham's website.


31st July 2007

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