Freelancer's photo event branches out

A vibrant exhibition pioneered by a freelance photographer has just opened for its fourth year, attracting a record number of camera-wielding participants.

Photomarathon UK gives photo enthusiasts 12 hours to capture 12 topics on film – with only one chance to get each photograph just right.

It was launched in Cardiff in 2004 by Betina Skovbro, a self-employed photographer, who can rejoice that the exhibition has now opened in Glasgow, as well as in the Welsh capital.

From now until August, visitors to the exhibitions can ogle the portfolios of over 350 participants, comprising over 4,000 images, on themes that were disclosed every four hours.

Organisers keep the themes secret until the day of shooting, but each of the topics, like Independence and Fashion, allows for “plenty of scope for creative thinking and expression.”

This year’s judges award first place to Shirley Pearson, whose portfolio captured the spirit of the contest, by containing an “imaginative blend of compositions and interpretations.”

Kaya Brown, aged 11 from Bristol, was the winner of the Junior Winner, who judges reportedly commended for a portfolio of photos that would make an adult proud.

Mathew Talfan, co-founder of Photomarathon, said: “Although the day of the competition is always a fantastic buzz I love watching peoples reactions at the exhibition; seeing their work on display, seeing different participants topic ideas or people coming along who didn’t take part this year but discussing how they would do it differently and getting inspired to take part next year.”

Images from the inaugural Glasgow Photomarathon can be seen at the Mitchell Library, while those from the Cardiff Photomarathon can be seen at Cardiff Old Library. Both exhibitions are free, and run until August 5, 2007.


9th July 2007

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