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Tweaking someone else’s idea is tried and tested way self-employed people can start-up their own business faster than waiting for their own ‘Eureka moment’.

In fact, Theo Paphitis, a judge on Dragons’ Den, has admitted much of his success comes from listening to people’s ideas, storing them and then modifying them for a return.

Now a website been launched that acts a real-time melting point of business ideas, allowing any visitor to post their own thoughts on how the ideas can be developed.

The site - - is the brainchild of Oli Barrett, founder of ideas firm Connected Capital, and James Murray Wells, the multimillionaire founder of Glasses Direct.

The duo has admitted that like most enterprising types, they dream up so many “killer ideas” that knowing where to store them can be a problem.

Cue their not-for-profit website, which has reportedly attracted over 100 entrepreneurs and advisors, all keen to read visitor’s ideas and post thoughts on how they can be developed.

On its welcome page, the site says: “This blog is about developing business ideas. We’ll post your, and our, ideas on this blog.

“Then please add comments to the blog posts to develop the ideas. If you think one’s a runner, then take it away and turn it into a business. All we ask is that you let us know.”

Disclosures obtained by The Daily Telegraph reveal the ownership of the idea would be down to the people taking part in its development.

Mr Murray Wells told the paper: “In our experience no one has got an idea off the ground without telling people about it.”

Ideas posted on the site, and currently under development, include the possible launch of “fizzy fruit juice tablets” that, like Vitamin C tablets, could be dropped into water to give children or travellers hassle-free instant refreshment.


21st June 2007

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