Video gamers join professional league

Gamers who excel at fragging terrorists, racing cars or scoring goals can now get paid for their skills – while seeing if they match up to competition from around the world.

The Championship Gaming Series, said to be the world’s first professional league table for video gamers, will be broadcast in HD on cable TV from July 9, 2007.

It will feature the world’s elite players on four popular titles from both the PC and Xbox systems – Counterstrike Source, Fifa 2007, Project Gotham Racing and Dead or Alive 4.

Mike Burks, an Emmy Award-winning sports producer, will oversee the live action, allowing fans of the titles to watch professional match-ups at home as they would any other sport.

Burks will employ multiple high-definition cameras throughout the league arenas and plant numerous virtual cameras inside each game, to ensure no angle is left uncovered.

Players of Counterstrike, a first-person-shooter, will score one point by helping their team win the round – with ten points winning the match, out of a total of 18 rounds.

Similar winning criteria have been released for the other titles, such as Fifa where equal scores at the end of the match will see the teams play an overtime to determine a winner.

When the games kick off on July 9, team members from cities like New York and Dallas will be the first contestants - each of whom will earn an annual salary of at least $30,000.

However bonuses could see a CGS player’s annual take-home pay reach $100,000, putting them way above the yearly earnings of a real-world US soccer player.

Following the US series, the cyber tournament will turn its attention to London, Dubai, Shanghai, Sydney and Singapore.

Trials for the UK entrants to play in the UK qualifiers or European qualifiers run until August 3, with a live UK championship event to be held from August 23 for two days.

It is estimated that over 100million viewers will tune in to entertainment channel The 101 to watch the championships, which will culminate in two US teams squaring up to four international teams.

More information about the CGS is available at:


20th June 2007

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