Net a masterclass in social media

The lowdown in social media communication is coming to London – thanks to the organisers of BloggingforBusiness, the second annual conference dedicated to online conversation.

Squared at companies both big and small, the one-day masterclass will see A-list professionals from PR, marketing and communications share the secrets of social media.

The line up includes the movement’s top thought leaders who will speak at the London-based event, on behalf of firms like Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft, Reuters and Yahoo!

Joining the panel will be portals and agencies dedicated to social media communication like New Media Knowledge, Six Apart, Blue Barracuda and Headshift.

Rather than just debating social media, like blogs, podcasts, wikis, videoblogging and RSS, the speakers will focus on how business can use each of the platforms to their advantage.

Hot topics include the risks and ethics of social media marketing and advertising, how to navigate social networks, whether firms should be podcasting, and how firms are ‘listening and learning from the conversation.’

“Social media has given a megaphone to the masses,” said the organisers of the conference, to be held at London’s Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square on April 4.

“But where do companies fit in? Is it wise to engage a movement that is evolving so rapidly? Is there any return on investment for producing a corporate blog or podcast?

“Is it safer and smarter to keep social media strategies behind the firewall? And what about advertising in the baffling maze of social sites where tomorrow's consumers and opinion-makers flock.”

The event promises to answer all these questions. It’s also billed as a must-attend for professionals from corporate communications, public relations, marketing services and advertising.

The conference will also be of interest to forward-thinking entrepreneurs, as research shows one third of Web users in Europe have decided not to buy a product or service after reading a review about it on a blog..

Bloggingforbusiness pointed out that companies which ignore social media by refusing to join the online conversation are foregoing legions of would-be customers.

“The numbers are hard to ignore. There are over 100 million active members of MySpace and Facebook,” they said in a statement.

“Technorati tracks over 50 million blogs. Thanks to iTunes, podcasts like "Ask a Ninja" are as popular as BBC Radio 4's Today Programme. And each day, 70 million videos are viewed on YouTube.”

Figures reported yesterday by Freelance UK show marketers are acknowledging the power to publish, share and influence, a new consumer movement by choosing the internet as their ultimate platform.

Register your place at BloggingforBusiness at the conference website.


3rd April 2007

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