Marketer starts up in two worlds

Marketers are discovering “the future first” by tapping the brains of a new marketing firm that has just launched simultaneously in the real-world - and in the virtual-world of Second Life.

Claiming to be the first new marketing company of its kind, Crayon, opened offices in New York and on Crayonville – a synthetic island inside the 3-D game – on the same day last year.

Life-like avatars resembling each member the nine-man outfit can now be seen sitting around a table in a virtual board room, where whoever’s present IM or talk via Skype voice technology.

Not only does this mean each employee can chat ‘real’ business for Crayon, a firm that specialises in new marketing via social media, but it also means other people can join in.

While the room is closed when employees discuss client matters, any visitor to the island can interact for free and talk with the firm, or other visitors, about the hottest issues in marketing.

Recent podcasts by company founder Joseph Jaffe reveal clients have also come ‘ashore’ for walkthroughs and meet-ups, though questions remain over time-efficiency and confidentiality.

At the company’s launch in October, a mission statement was produced that vowed to help “marketers, advertisers and PR professionals better understand the tremendous changes, challenges and opportunities…in marketing communication.”

Its core marketing approach includes less traditional formats that occupy social media, such as blogs, podcasts, RSS, wikis and open-source marketing.

“The world has changed, but marketing, advertising, and public relations have not,” Mr Jaffe said.

“There is no question that the influence organizations can achieve through traditional marketing, advertising and PR is fading fast.

“I've spoken to countless chief marketing officers and, based on their unified frustration with the status quo and eagerness to 'get to the future…first,' it became obvious to me that it was time to scale up and help marketers win through new marketing.”

In both real and virtual worlds, the company has pledged to help “marketers and communications professionals make sense of the profound changes in order to connect the dots between the burgeoning new approaches and possibilities available to them.”


28th February 2007

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