How to start a creative blog

A learning and development consultancy has launched a Soap-style blog - intended to generate the firm more business, while injecting fresh creativity into the blogosphere.

Four fictional graudates will be documenting their lives over the coming weeks, by each posting a warts-and-all account of their day-to-day experiences.

"Through our fictional characters...we learn that there are those special 'light bulb' moments throughout most days - whether in the workplace or at the pub, we learn something new everyday," the firm told Freelance UK yesterday.

To come up with the blog, which is said to be the ‘first blog of its kind’, significant research was carried out by marketers into the characteristics of the most successful blogs.

Experts recently told Freelance UK that the best writers of the blogosphere realise the old adage ‘quality over quantity’, is the key to success.

However Righttrack’s marketers have also come up with a checklist of what to do – and what not to do – to ensure repeat readers.

1. When planning a blog it can feel quite a challenge with a blank screen staring back at you so the first thing to do is to see what other blogs are out there. Try for inspiration.

2. The next step is to decide on your audience, will it be for internal or external readership?

3. Focus on the content of your blog – if there is a specific area that is of more interest to your readers, then use this as the main topic for the blog.

4. Customise the ‘look and feel’ of your blog – they are on the increase (1 every 2 seconds) and it won't be long until your competitors have one, so make yours stand out from the crowd

5. Make sure all entries on the blog have creativity, personality and character – nobody will read if it is as dull as dish water

6. Post your blogs regularly - at least once a week - otherwise your regular readers will go to your competitors

7. Allow readers to post comments and interact with other readers and bloggers – thereby helping to create your own online social network.

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