Photographers: Snap up a digital masterclass

Creatives who want to hone their photography skills for the 21st century are being invited to an online masterclass in digital photography.

Run by the Open University, the 10-week course promises to develop the technical, visual and creative skills of digital photographers - regardless of their current experience.

It covers the key principles of capturing digital images, including the use of software to manipulate the image, so even newcomers can create and “share digital images you are proud of.”

Such is the pledge from course organisers, who reportedly decided to provide the masterclass in response to the massive explosion in social networking sites, and the advent of Web 2.0.

But the course isn’t just for Web users who want the perfect profile on MySpace.

According to the curriculum, students will eventually end up with a portfolio of images that clearly demonstrates their knowledge, understanding and skills as digital photographers.

Weekly assignments allow digital camera users of all abilities to broaden their experience, while teaching technical tricks and ways to critically evaluate their own and other’s work.

The course also recognises the importance of networking and making contacts, as each week students share their creations, and queries, with an online community of photographers.

Although a course tutor is not provided, students can tap into an online conference, to be moderated by OU experts, when they need help or advice.

Entries are currently being assessed for May, when the course starts, though prospective students can opt for the second commencement date in October.

Reflecting on the course, Digital Photography: Creating and Sharing Better Images, Steven Peake, course chair, told TechDigest that the time was right for a masterclass in digital photography.

“More and more people want to create and share and have their work appraised by others; this is clearly demonstrated in the rise of blogging and the incredible popularity of sites such as Flickr,” he said.

“This innovative new course will not only ensure people get the absolute best from their digital cameras and their own creative minds, but will also enable them to experiment with online photo album technology whilst introducing them to a community of literally millions of like-minded individuals all over the world.”

For course commencement dates and prices, please see the Open University’s website.


5th January 2007

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