Scottish festival puts design centre stage

A Scottish MP has hoisted the value of design and creativity up the national agenda by unveiling a £3million initiative entitled the Six Cities Design Festival.

Scotland's First Minister, Jack McConnell MSP, launched the campaign after research found just 22% of businesses in the North think design is an aide to effective competition.

In other parts of the UK, 60% of businesses cite design as enabler of profits on the grounds it is placed at the heart of their venture, whether it is fused with products, services or processes.

The programme for the Six Cities Design initiative is being developed and delivered by The Lighthouse, Scotland's National Architecture and Design Centre.

Janice Kirkpatrick, director of a leading design company, and chairman of Lighthouse, said: “Sir George Cox identified greater creativity is a key to greater productivity, whether by way of higher-value products and services, better processes, more effective marketing, simpler structures or better use of people's skills.

“Through business and education programmes, aligned with the findings of the Cox Review, the Six Cities Design Festival aims to support Scotland's vibrant design sector and to communicate this message to the broader business sector.”

A key event planned as part of the Six Cities Design initiative is a second Scottish Show, following the international success of the original Scottish Show (2004-5).

At the time, this created an international platform for Scottish designers in Milan, London and Glasgow.

As a result a new showcase of Scottish design will run at The Lighthouse from May – August 2007.

“The Scottish Show brings together the three main elements of the Six Cities Design initiative,” Ms Kirkpatrick added.

“It creates an international shop window for Scottish design businesses; it enables the public across Scotland to understand and enjoy work by leading Scottish designers and an associated education programme will inspire and educate people of all age to engage with, and benefit from, design.”


10th November 2006

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