Freelance designer waves copyright goodbye

Getting the right amount of exposure as a freelance designer is a tactful task, yet one creative independent is hoping an explicit giveaway of his works will result in endless opportunities.

Digital graffiti artist George Glasser is offering for a “limited time only” copyright-free usage of the artwork and images presented on his website.

“Since the images in my present portfolio are sample pieces, I decided to officially release them into the public domain,” he said.

The US freelance explained his time as a commercial artist, graphic designer for TV and movie companies and as an independent artist has made him “philosophical” about his creations.

“I am not bothered about people using my art; otherwise, I would not have placed it on my website,” he said.

“It’s not like someone is stealing my work - the images are there for people to use; otherwise, they will just wind-up on a CD-ROM collecting dust.”

Glasser is currently creating digital art within the realm of amorphic imagery and says his previous stints as a freelance have helped him achieved his current vision.

“Having spent a lot of time working with photography and photographic processing, I learned that you can take a ho-hum image and turn it into a dynamic piece of work through processing effects, darkroom tricks,” he said.

“However, it requires recognising the potential of the image, then pushing it to its limits - experimenting.”

Advanced software tools and even the popular Photoshop package let Glasser blend his experience with his style of “raw jazz-like improvisional edge” fused with graphical design.

“I will try ‘potentiating’ almost any image that I have either generated on the computer, drawn or photographed. I almost never go into any project with a preconceived outcome in mind because experimentation leads me to places that I would never have conceived of in my imagination alone,” he said.


13th September 2006

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