Wallace 'wimps out' in front of despot

An American news veteran has been savaged by media commentators for giving a friendly and unobtrusive interview to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

CBS news anchor Mike Wallace, 88, has been branded a ‘disgrace to journalism’ for failing to press the dictator on issues the American public had demanded answers to.

New York’s Wall Street Journal has published a list of 14 questions that Wallace, hailed by CBS for his ‘no-holds barred’ interviewing style, refused to put to the despot.

According to The Boston Globe, Wallace did ask why Iranian Revolutionary Guards are helping terrorists kill US soldiers in Iraq, but he was given a nonsensical answer, which he failed to pursue.

Americans shouldn't be in Iraq, since it is “a civilized nation with a long history of civilization,” the tyrant said, before Wallace responded; `Mm-hmm.’

The failure to grill the national leader, who wants nuclear weapons and ‘Israel wiped off the map,’ resulted in a role reversal, with Ahmadinejad firing questions at his US visitor.

Wallace, who recently announced plans to retire, was quoted after the interview as saying the Iranian President is an impressive man who is “obviously smart as hell.”

At one point, he asked the dictator what his aide had just communicated through a written note.

“What is he telling you?,” the transcript states.

“They have told me to rearrange my jacket.”

Wallace: They've been -- why are they worried about your jacket? I think you look just fine.

Ahmadinejad: That is right, they have told me the same thing, they tell me that it's a very nice-looking coat.

Wallace: Are you a vain man?

Ahmadinejad: Sometimes appearances, yes, you have to look your best.

Wallace: Let me reassure you --

Ahmadinejad: That is why I comb my hair.

Wallace: Let me assure you, you look your best. What do you do for leisure?


18th August 2006

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