Most entrepreneurs want to be 'at-home'

Microsoft’s voice for small business in the UK has declared that the overwhelming majority of its audience works from home - or wants to in the future.

When asked where their micro company is based, 64 per cent of bCentral visitors said their commercial operation is run from inside their home.

Out of the remaining respondents who said they were not ‘at-home’ entrepreneurs, a majority said they would like to be – compared to just 15 per cent who ruled it out.

The results of the survey, obtained by Enterprise Nation, also reveal that there are now as many people working from home part-time as they are full-time.

Speaking to the home working portal, Microsoft’s Matt Brady, editor of bCentral, said the findings proved working practices are experiencing a sea change.

“These results provide yet more evidence of the home working revolution underway in the UK,” he said.

“The majority of poll respondents are working from home or wanting to do so, we keenly focus on content that applies to this audience, highlighting the ways in which Microsoft applications and software can play a role in effective home working.”


18th July 2006

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