Logo designers to put 'soul' into the EU

The UK’s logo designers and their aspiring peers will this week be invited to rebrand the European Union with the formal announcement of a “new slogan for Europe” competition.

Details of the competition, leaked to one Sunday newspaper, suggest creative types will be asked to submit a logo and slogan that injects new life into the lacklustre European integration project.

The winning entry will be unveiled during the Union’s jubilee celebrations next year – to replace the current slogan of “United in Diversity” and the current logo of a blue flag with gold stars.

Concerts, carnivals, firework displays and even a possible European Commissioner’s Day, to celebrate 50 years of the Union, will ensure the logo and slogan is seen in lights around the world.

The events intend to bring citizens closer to the work of the European Commission, to solve an identity crisis summed up by Pascal Lammy when he was Trade Commissioner in 2004.

At the time, he said:” The European system of today entirely lacks any sense of political animation. The machine exists, but it lacks soul, as James Brown would say.

“There is a total absence of real or meaningful debate to get over to citizens what the issues are all about. For want of a better way of describing it, Europe does not entertain its citizens, and therefore it does not involve them.”

Today’s charm offensive, said to potentially include an EU theme tune, will peak next year on March 25 – the date The Treaty of Rome was founded.

However the call for a new slogan and logo, which will be made officially from a website, is due to be sounded imminently on July 6, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

A cash prize awaits the designer who comes up with the winning logo and slogan, which organisers want to incorporate the Union’s main pulling points, such as 'liberty' and 'democracy.'


4th July 2006

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