Bright young sparks demand 'home working'

Micro companies looking to take the plunge by hiring a member of staff should offer flexible working arrangements – if they wish to recruit the brightest young sparks.

So says a new survey by pollster You Gov, which found UK graduates are more likely to embrace a job offer if it includes the perks of remote or flexible work, such as working from home.

Commissioned by BT, the survey also suggests micro companies which heed the advice might be able to save on the overall cost of hiring someone to work for the business.

The results show almost half of 18-29-year-olds are willing to consider lower pay on the condition they can work from home as part of a flexible working schedule.

Among the over-50s there has traditionally been more reluctance to work from home, and the survey reinforces the trend, as just 31 per cent in the age group would accept less money for the perk.

“For young people today the idea of being in the same office, at the same time, with the same people every day, is just completely out of date,” said Beatriz Butsana-Sita, of BT Business

“Wireless and mobile technologies and the ability to work effectively away from the office come as second nature to today’s generation of graduates. It’s increasingly something that they expect from an employer.”

A better work-life balance is seen as the main benefit of working flexibly, followed by less stress and fewer travel problems, the survey said.

The findings come as the Work and Families Bill, currently going through Parliament, proposes to extend the right of a worker to request flexible work hours from next April.


27th June 2006

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