Design guru vows to 'Cancel Mansell'

Ex-interiors designer Kirstie Allsopp is so passionate about ‘location’ she says the word three times over to form Channel 4’s self-titled property show of the same name – ‘Location, Location, Location.’

But this weekend, it emerged that the former designer’s repetition of the ‘l-word’ has been falling off deaf ears, at least if you are ex-Formula One racing champion Nigel Mansell.

According to reports, Mr Mansell is waiting for the green-light to turn a go-kart racing track into a major amateur racing venue that when finished, will offer punters access to a 220-seat restaurant.

Accompanying workshops and garages will also be built, to support a control tower and a large hangar-style administration block, according to the proposal being considered by the council.

As a local resident of the picturesque and mainly undisturbed Devon countryside, Ms Allsopp is not happy with the plans, and has signed up to campaign to halt the plans dubbed ‘Cancel Mansell.’

“This is nothing personal against Nigel Mansell,” Ms Allsopp insisted to the Independent on Sunday.

“If it was Nelson Mandela building this track I’d feel exactly the same way; it is just the wrong place to do it.”

But supporters of the proposal say the protestors have not checked the plans thoroughly enough. They insist the construction of the track will not harm the local countryside.

“A lot of things the locals are saying are derived from their own imagination, rather than the reality of what is going to be happening on the circuit itself,” said a spokesman for Mr Mansell.

The Mansell camp added that a resurfacing of the track and an acoustic fence are examples of recent developments to aid with noise reduction.

Yet the Allsopp camp remains defiant, describing the proposal as a “self-indulgent profit-making exercise” to build a “monolithic monstrosity.”

Ms Allsopp explained: “The residents of the village are completely distraught. In an area of outstanding natural beauty, something like this is completely unacceptable.

“I don’t understand why this planning application is even being considered."


26th June 2006

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