Awards open for UK's top designers

Design consultancies and freelance designers are being called to submit their creative projects for the industry’s Design Effectiveness Awards 2006.

Launched by the Design Business Association, the prestigious Award is given to the designer who has best conveyed the key role design plays in growing a business for wider commercial success.

Judges are likely to spotlight the projects which demonstrate a tangible affect on the client company’s bottom line, to show the designer has taken account of the client’s wider business aims.

The Awards organisers are keen to point out that the judges, which include leading business and industry figures, will use commercial data to arrive at their decisions.

Any design projects are eligible for entry; from either client or consultancy. Eligible projects include re-designs and new products that show 'the effectiveness of design in significant situations for a client's brand or company.'

Although entry is flexible, entrants must have collected evidence for their project after January 2005, with previous evidence being admissible as further research.

They must also be prepared to write a detailed yet concise description of the project, what it was expected to achieve, how the results were measured, what the results were, and crucially, the "significance of those results in the wider commercial context."

Previous winners of the Effectiveness Award include 'A phenomenon called Oi,' a sub-brand created by image experts at Wolff Olins for Brazilian start-up, Oi.

The design’s cheeky typography is today emblazoned on everything from stationery and advertising, to point-of-sale graphics and promotional items.

The client company, a fixed line telecoms provider, needed a vibrant image to compete in the saturated Brazilian mobile phone market; then characterised by hoards of generic industry names.

Launching 'Oi' triggered what the DBA claims was ‘the fastest ever sign up to a new telecoms company worldwide,’ with 2.2milliom people subscribing in the first year alone.

The unmistakable look and sound of 'Oi' in a crowded market place ensured three quarters of initial customers left an industry rival to join the brand. Within six months of the launch, Oi enjoyed 9 per cent of market share.

Such an example of design proving "beyond reasonable doubt a cause and effect between the new design and business success through results," is the hallmark of a winning project, the DBA said.

All applicants must read the full details on the Association’s 'Call for Entries' internet portal, before writing their account of the project and relaying its commercial impact on the client company.

Entrants have until Wednesday June 7 to send in their design projects. All applicants will be notified of the nominations in August 2006 and finalists can expect a prestigious awards ceremony in November, when the winners will be announced.


4th May 2006

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