Cutting-edge research opens for business

Over twenty top universities have each connected their cutting-edge research libraries to the internet so people can develop or grow their business or idea from a single online portal.

With topics as diverse as Art & Design, Business studies, Law, and even Nanotechnology, the site offers individuals a chance to become more competitive and productive.

Launched by Sussex University and the South East England Development Agency, the site effectively allows potential start-ups or ambitious individuals to access the research of 25 institutions.

Including the Universities of Oxford and York, the portal also allows individuals to send their product and technical research ideas directly to experts and academics working in their field.

Not only can businesses tap into the latest university research in order to develop and grow, but students and academics in return may get the opportunity to work alongside the business, thereby widening the firm’s network of contacts.

There are also three research organisations detailed on the site, offering a range of medical, oceanographic and space research disciplines, with potential application to industry.

Users can access research by sector, choosing from a range of mainstream ones such as the Creative industries, Business services, Media and Education, while also searching more niche areas including paper, plastic and non-fabricated metal products.

Research Excellence aims to put the user directly in touch with resources, by area as well as sector, before arming the user with potential contacts who can help further ideas and research.

The site says its strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit means each university accessible via the portal has its own Business Development Team, with specific technical contacts.
Together these groups are said to enthusiastically offer guidance and direction to further experts in the field.

They will also navigate the user to the many other sources of business support available whether they see themselves as an established entrepreneur or a potential start-up.

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