'On the first day of Christmas...I did my tax return'

“On the first day of Christmas...I did my tax return”  -- is the song that about 2,500 individuals can sing, after they made the bold move to self-assess on December 25th.

Eating festive food first seems to be a popular pre-requisite however, as the peak time on Christmas Day to file a tax return was just after lunch, between 1pm and 2pm.

Some 230 customers settled up then, HMRC says, and are part of the largest group to do their taxes on the national holiday, namely those who did so between 8am and 4pm.

But the ‘late shift’ on Christmas Day when the festive gifts have been given and the grub all eaten was also popular, as 1,040 customers filed their returns from 4pm to midnight.

And it's not the only the time of the festive season when taxpayers give to the taxman -- this year's Boxing day thrashed Christmas Day, with 8,465 tax returns filed.

Between eight in the morning and four in the afternoon remained the most popular time, although an industrious 348 individuals logged their self-assessment returns on the 26th before sunrise.


6th January 2019

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