Freelancers to reveal their habits to make an app smarter

The makers of a type of app that freelancers have been freshly recommended to embed in their business are inviting you to share your work-hates, habits and hardest challenges.

Paperwrk, a freelance-specific admin and project tool, says the answers to 18 questions it is posing about self-employed people's modus operandi will help it hone its service.

Issued online, the invitation from the app's makers comes after software dedicated to helping freelancers keep track of both their time and taxes was recommended.

Paperwrk's in-built features already appear to help the self-employed with both of these potentially manually-arduous tasks, but its makers seem keen to know more.

In fact, their survey wants you to fess up about how you track your time on assignments (if at all), and probes into your other numerical tasks and habits, like invoicing and being paid.

And perhaps it's just so freelancers taking the survey can let off some steam, but the survey also wants to know about freelancers' "pain points".

So freelancers get the chance to say if they suffer the bugbear of “intrusive” clients, or "vague" briefs,  or if "confusing" feedback can be a problem.

The age-old question is also fired, 'What would enable you to be a more effective freelancer?' -- alongside a few drier queries on legal agreements and the like. To help Paperwrk, take its survey here.


13th December 2018

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