Creative firms to have their say on post-Brexit visa system

The visa system that will bring creative freelancers in and out of the UK after Brexit is open for the self-employed and their end-clients to have their say on it.

Publishing a two-part survey on the envisioned system, the Creative Industries Federation (CIF) said it wanted to gather 'specific characteristics' and 'information' from individuals and businesses likely to be affected.

The federation had wanted to a two-tier visa system for both EU and non-EU freelancers -- workers who it has emphasised the creative industries are reliant upon.

But CIF now points out that the government has announced its aim is to introduce a 'single, world immigration' framework. which does not give priority to EU citizens

The framework will also not recognise specific sectors, but will instead focus on skills, typically by prioritising so-called 'higher-skilled' migrants -- those earning above the Tier 2 Salary Threshold of £30,000.

So the survey by CIF wants to know the type of creatives who would be penalised or excluded for earning under the threshold, and wants to know the challenges which would result.

The survey, of which only part one is required (part two has technical questions on immigration) also asks organisations, such as employment agencies, about their existing difficulty in filling certain creative roles.

"The information we're asking for in this survey builds of evidence which we gathered from you in the past and which informed our Global Talent Report," the federation said.

"The survey will close on the 2[nd of] January 2019. The outcomes of this survey will be important for informing the future shape of the UK's immigration system, and will enable us to advocate to government on industry's behalf."

Despite the government ruling out the post-Brexit visa system taking into account particulars other than skills and salary, the CIF maintains that it is "vital" that "specific characteristics" of industries get factored in.

It added: "For this reason, we want to gather information from the creative industries in order to advocate more powerfully to government what a fit-for-purpose system might look like."

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11th December 2018

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