Budding writers vie for Amazon book deal

A new X-factor style competition is poised to pit the country’s best budding authors against each other so one talented writer can see their work in print.

Unknown literary stars simply to have to register on YouWriteon.com to be in with a chance of getting their work published and distributed through a major bookseller.

Newcomers to the website will be invited to rate the opening chapters of another site member’s work, before the chapters are randomly sent to others for further review.

Each month the three highest rated writers will enter a ‘best seller’ chart and receive a free critique from literary professionals, including established authors and a leading literary agent.

The author with the highest rated opening chapters will win the site’s ‘Book of the Year Publishing Award’ and the completed book will be distributed through major booksellers including Amazon, W.H. Smith and Waterstones.

Sponsored by The Arts Council, the aim of the website and competition is to help unknown writers develop, and “help talented writers get noticed and published.”

Edward Smith, the site’s development manager, told Freelance UK that the portal has attracted “huge amounts” of interest since its January launch, but said the search for the best new author begins in earnest on April 12.

“We plan to launch new successful authors as all our members will be able to self-publish their completed books through the site,” he added.

“Already many members reviewing new authors’ submitted chapters have said that they would buy the completed books.”

Organisers of the site said they welcomed backing from the Arts Council, saying the project is an innovative way for undiscovered authors to get their voice heard in “an increasingly insular publishing climate.”

In contrast to a recently revealed short story competition that is proudly targeting the literary elite, Youwriteon.com offers a valuable feedback mechanism for writers whose literary styles may still be evolving.

The eclectic nature of written submissions also means anyone can log on to read the opening chapters of Romance novels, Comedy plays, Mystery novels and the current favourite, Children’s stories.

The diversity of the site enables literary postings from authors, developing writers and even junior writers, with one entry in the ‘Best Seller’ chart from a writer aged 11.

Edward Smith commented, “Site members have expressed their appreciation of their reviews and said that their writing has improved as a result. Our aim is to help all writers develop, and to help talented writers get noticed and published.”


5th April 2006

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