Taxman to talk Flat Rate VAT

The freelancer stuck on how to work out the saving from Flat Rate VAT could be among the participants of a new webinar from the taxman.

Scheduled for tomorrow (November 14th), the one-hour session will hear an HMRC official outline what the Flat Rate Scheme is, and how it treats 'limited cost' traders.

Best-practice guidance on how to keep VAT records will also be provided, alongside practical tips on how freelancers should go about filling in their VAT return.

Only the taxpayer's name and email address are required to register for the webinar, which will include an opportunity for participants to pose their own questions to the official.

According to the Revenue, the VAT Flat Rate Scheme webinar will be held in mid-December too, should freelancers not be able to make tomorrow's 1400 start-time.


13th November 2018

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