Culture secretary admits to not reading a newspaper

The new culture secretary might want to swot up on his audience the next time he shares his reading habits.

Speaking at the conference of the Society of Editors, Jeremy Wright reportedly admitted that he does not subscribe to a single British newspaper or magazine.

That seems to explain a follow-up comment he made, almost more embarrassing in weight, to the BBC's Amol Rajan -- himself the corporation's media editor.

"I didn't read any newspaper this morning," braved Mr Wright, who later gave a speech asserting that 'quality content was not being sufficiently rewarded.'

Some saving grace if the minister wants to ever return to the editors' conference to keynote it is that he revealed himself to be a morning listener of BBC Radio 4.

He also said he tended to watch news on the BBC, as well as Sky and, then seeming to remember where he was, claimed he 'generally reads a summary of newspapers and certain comment pieces.'

But the culture minister then probably got points deducted by his editorial audience for making a double misstep. 

Firstly, he said he does have a subscription -- albeit to US-owned Time magazine, and then he failed to give the name of single female columnist who he enjoys reading.


7th November 2018

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