Creative media's pay-gap ‘at least half the size in temp jobs’

The pay gap in the creative media industry has emerged as half as big in the contractor and freelance labour market than it is in the permanent, full-time market.

In a poll of 1,000 independent workers, accountancy firm SJD found that creative media roles on a temporary basis pay women 10% less than men, compared to a hefty 26% less on a permanent basis.

Some creative media freelancers will welcome the fact that their pay gap is 16% smaller than it is for their permanent counterparts, who work on a full-time basis.

But the poll finding that a hefty 10% less in earnings goes to a woman where she is doing the same non-permanent work as a man, means the creative media industry contains a bigger pay-gap than Financial Services, Engineering or IT.

Despite being traditionally male-dominated industries, the pay gap when working on a non-permanent basis is just one per cent, six per cent, and eight per cent respectively, SJD found.

Manufacturing trumps this fairer-paying trio however, as the firm said it identified “no gap” between female and male contractor roles in terms of the daily rates they pocketed.

"Contractors are much more likely to earn a similar amount, regardless of gender, compared with permanent employment where men are often paid more than women,” said SJD’s chief executive Derek Kelly.

However, “more needs to be done” in industries that are suffering from the pay gap, he said, and arguably, where the gaps are largest .

“Females in a temporary role in the creative media industry are paid 10% less than males for the same job,” states a widget programmed with the pay-gap findings. “This is the equivalent of fifteen supermarket meal deals.”

Telecommunications emerged as having the same pay gap -- 10%, but in one sector, Healthcare, the gap is reversed in favour of women, as it pays them 42% more than their male counterparts.


21st October 2018

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