Training and networking for freelance journalists (formerly found at offers a lively mix of evening seminars, weekend workshops and drinks parties, which are all aimed at helping journalists and media types enhance their skills and connect with like-minded professionals.

Initially, many of the events will be held in London, but a Birmingham date has recently been added and events in other large UK cities are set to follow.

This season of events kicks off with "Charge What You're Worth" on April 11, a two hour seminar led by former journalist and professional coach Ros Toynbee who will share tips on how to earn more, but work less.

This seminar will cover topics such as why it can be so hard for freelancers to charge what they are worth and 'talk money' with clients, when to walk away from a job that's not right for you and how to have tricky conversations with clients...and win! Ros is running another evening seminar on May 16th - "Developing Your Niche" -which will explore how developing a specialism can help freelancers boost their income.

On May 4 follows an evening seminar on the significance personal branding for freelancers. "How To Stand Out In A Crowd", led by executive coach, speaker and author Gabriella Goddard which will explore ways in which freelancers can make themselves stand out and develop a reputation that has clients calling them with work, instead of the other way round! The evening seminars are being held at 44 Portland Place, London.

Next up is a networking evening on May 11, which is being held at Adam Street private members club in London. This is an informal drinks evening aimed at connecting journalists and media professionals.

On May 20, freelance journalist, trainer and editorial director of Janet Murray is running her popular workshop for aspiring journalists - "An Introduction to Freelance Journalism".

This workshop covers everything there is to know about setting up as freelance journalist including finding, placing and selling stories, dealing with editors and marketing. This workshop is primarily aimed at those looking to establish a career in freelance journalism, but will also be relevant to PR professionals and staff journalists making the switch to freelance work. It could also provide a boost for freelance journalists looking to break new markets and/or increase their income.

In addition to the workshop, Ms Murray offers delegates three follow-up phone calls, free of charge. She explains: "We've all been on courses and workshops which have inspired us. But even the best of intentions can easily be forgotten once we get back to the daily grind. My follow up calls are intended to help delegates stay positive and focused on their goals."

Ms Murray is also running this workshop in Birmingham on May 27, alongside experienced regional journalist Linda Jones. Ms Murray, who is a regular contributor to national magazines and newspapers, such as The Guardian, says: "We're based near London, so up until now it's made sense to run workshops and events in and around London, but we know there is a big demand for this kind of thing elsewhere. We're really excited to be running the 'Introduction To Freelance Journalism' in Birmingham and our long term plan is to run events in all the major UK cities."

As well as running group workshops, Ms Murray offers one-to-one training and recently launched her media mentoring programme - a unique approach to journalism education, which combines face-to-face, email and telephone training.

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22nd March 2006

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