Google crowned UK's no.1 brand

Google has been voted the British public’s favourite online brand, in a verdict that reinforces the importance of a distinct company logo.

More than 1,000 consumers who regularly use the internet said the multi-coloured motif was not only their favourite, but one of the most trustworthy when picking from the medley of online companies.

Only the BBC’s website – – is more reassuring to consumers, making it the most trusted brand on the internet.

However the corporation’s high rating in the inaugural e-poll, carried out by YouGov for Superbrands, may have been elevated thanks to its offline presence.

The brand researchers said over half of those responding admit they are more likely to visit a website if the brand exists offline as well as online.

“This demonstrates that although pure Internet brands are topping the opinion polls traditional offline brands are still creating a strong saliency with their customers, leading them to consume these brands on the Internet,” Superbrands said in a statement.

The revelations also show that nearly seven out of ten internet users will only buy a product or service from a website that boasts a recognized brand name or reputation.

The consensus however among all consumers taking part in the study was that a company’s logo remains the deciding factor in identifying an online brand.

By contrast, the views of celebrities and the use of websites proved to be the least influential factor in making up consumers’ minds about a Web-based brand.

The full results of the brand study can be viewed below:

Rank - Favourite online brand

1 Google
4 Streetmap
5 Friends Reunited
5 Nectar
5 tiscali
5 Times Online

Rank - Most reliable websites

1 Google
4 Streetmap
5 Times Online
6 Friends Reunited
7 Nectar
8 Auto Trader


17th March 2006

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