ASDA to unveil £80m ad campaign

Brand experts are marking their diaries with interest as supermarket giant Asda prepares to unveil an £80million advertising campaign later this month.

The TV promotions, designed to upgrade the supermarket’s image, will replace endorsements by Sharon Osbourne and usher in the new slogan – ‘more for you for less.’

The mantra is aimed at moving US-owned ASDA away from the perception it is a British supermarket for working-class shoppers, The Sunday Telegraph reported.

The promos are expected to feature British celebrity favourites including Andrew Flintoff, Sport Personality of the Year 2005, and Colleen McLoughlin, girlfriend of Wayne Rooney, the footballer.

The celeb campaign, said to cost around £80m, is also expected to spotlight unique aspects of Asda, such as product sourcing and the launch of a new George homewares range.

Richard Hodgson, marketing director, said the revived ASDA would be promoted through radio, television and magazines, but with no promise of ‘always low prices’.

He told The Mail on Sunday: ”Price is important and we are not going to go away from strong price credentials, but all our customers surveys show us that is not enough and is starting to be a turn–off.

“There is a perception that if everything is at low price, you get what you pay for – i.e. lower quality, whereas the reality is quite the opposite.”

His comments come after the New York Daily News claimed high street store Starbucks had signed a seven-figure contract with Ben Affleck, the actor, to promote the coffee company whenever he was within range of paparazzi.

A spokesman for the Hollywood star has since rejected the claims, yet elsewhere genuine celebrity-endorsed campaigns have returned dividends for the companies involved.

Australian footwear and accessories company UGG used tabloid snaps of Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz sporting the company’s flagship boots when the actresses appeared in the public eye.

Experts at Brand Channel have pointed out the star-endorsed campaign was “instrumental in breaking the brand into the US market a few years ago,” adding that, “sales haven’t let up since.”

Last year, British retailer Marks & Spencer’s rewarded the celebrity comedians Martin Freeman and Bob Mortimer with special discount cards after they appeared in its UK-wide ad campaign.

According to the Independent on Sunday, the unique loyalty cards were allocated to the famous faces that have promoted the food and clothing store, including Jimmy Carr, the TV presenter and Twiggy, the 60’s supermodel.


6th March 2006

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