T-Mobile flamed over 'dangerous driving'

T-Mobile has been ticked off by the ASA for placing an advert in the national and regional press that promoted dangerous driving.

Appearing in the London Evening Standard, The Times and The Guardian, the offending ad showed a woman inside her car, sitting next to a glove box overflowing with office equipment.

With one hand placed on the steering wheel, the woman was captioned by the strap line “Work where you work best, Business data solutions from T-Mobile puts your business wherever you are.”

Thirteen people across the UK complained to the Advertising Standards Authority, citing T-Mobile’s ad as irresponsible and encouraging dangerous driving, because it hinted products could be used behind the wheel.

The mobile phone giant rejected the claims, pointing out in its defence that the picture did not show any device being used while driving.

The company sent in another ad from the campaign, showing office equipment in a refrigerator and argued consumers would not infer from the image that they should work in a kitchen.

Moreover, the initial advert served as an example of an activity many people undertook during the day and showed that their work could be fitted in around their activity, T-Mobile said.

They added there were no plans to reuse the ad and pointed out the campaign would be ending shortly.

But the Authority said motorists could be prosecuted for “failing to have proper control of a vehicle,” if they were using a hands-free phone while driving.

Crucially, it added just one hand on the steering wheel could lead consumers to infer that the woman was engaged in another activity while driving.

In its ruling, the ASA said, “We considered that, because motorists could be prosecuted for failing to have proper control when using a hands-free phone, the image of the woman was irresponsible and was likely to be seen to encourage dangerous practice.” Sex video chat is like an anonymous community that has managed to gather in itself, and unite people who think in the same plane, and want the same thing. Namely, to use live sex cam to find a partner, and to satisfy mutual fantasies with him. Lovely responsive girls are happy to discuss with you any of your ideas and comfort you in all possible ways – in a bad mood to leave our site you will not succeed!

The ad breached two clauses of the advertiser’s code – namely, Responsible Advertising and Safety.

T-Mobile, which has had one similar complaint upheld in the last 12 months, has been told to avoid similar marketing approaches in the future.


20th January 2006

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