ITV reveals its new look

Brand experts and marketers are watching with interest as ITV prepares to unveil a new identity across its family of channels, in a corporate makeover said to cost £3million.

From Monday next week, no longer will the broadcaster be recognised by its yellow and blue logo, but by a new selection of clips reportedly entitled, ‘moments we all share.’

Incoming is an fresh gold logo that will represent the ‘idents’ of real life actions and emotions; said to include children rolling down a hill, a woman crying in bed and pigs wallowing in manure.

Billed as a “dramatic modernisation” of the ITV brand, the new on and off air look is hoped to move the broadcaster away from a generic look towards a “clearly defined personality,” for each of its four channels.

The shake up and fresh concepts for the channel derive from the opinions of 6,000 viewers as well as ITV’s own staff.

Both groups were quizzed on how ITV – dubbed the ‘family channel’ – should change to meet the public's evolving broadcast needs.

Speaking to The Independent, Simon Shaps, ITV’s director of television, said the creative makeover is the first of its kind for three years – a period he said was a long time in television.

“Three years is quite a short period of time since the last significant rebranding. But in that three-year period an awful lot has happened in television. There are an awful lot of new channels, programmes and celebrities.”

To date, celebrity endorsements of ITV have dominated the ‘idents’ – the clips in between programmes – but the company says its marketing efforts will now focus on showcasing the best ITV shows, so each channel emerges with a distinct personality.

ITV1 will seek to encapsulate the full spectrum of human emotions, conveyed by the use of the bolder and more clearly designed gold logo, to show programmes on the channel are 'in touch' with the public.

Rebranding on ITV2 will focus on the fun, creativity and “general over-the-topness” of the channel, by using idents showing live action or animation.

Mystery and escapism forms the central theme of ITV3, where dramas such as Foyle’s War and Cracker will continue to define the channel, expected to be shown by animations that look like the turning pages of a novel.

Meanwhile, the broadcaster’s newest addition, ITV4, is aimed at luring an elusive male audience away from the BBC by injecting a ‘things-are-aren’t-always-as-they-seem’ theme.

This is expected to be conveyed as soon as next week by idents proving appearances can be deceptive.

Clare Salmon, ITV’s marketing and commercial strategist, told The Sun newspaper that the makeover is aimed at targeting those viewers, “who think ITV has nothing for them.”

In a separate statement, she added: "The new branding is the first tangible evidence of the way in which we are now putting viewer insight at the heart of our thinking. We aim to move perception of ITV from terrestrial broadcaster to content brand, making it fully fit for a multichannel, multi-platform world."


11th January 2006

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