New slogan shakes up marketing at Coke

Marketers and brand experts are watching with interest as Coca-Cola plans to unveil a new slogan as it takes on 2006, 'Welcome to the Coke Side of Life.'

New York stock exchange experts reported on Friday that arch rival Pepsi finished the week at $97.8 billion compared to the world’s most successful soft drinks company, valued at $98.8billion.

The financial gains are reflective of the wider progress made by Pepsi over the last year, as celebrity studded ad campaigns and success with food products have boosted the company’s share price by almost 60 per cent.

Conversely, executives at Coca-Cola have witnessed the company share price practically halve in the past seven years, according to The Guardian, and hope that a combination of marketing forces can now revive its fortunes.

In particular, its marketing and PR experts expect the Winter Olympic Games in Turin next year to become synonymous with Coca-Cola, in time to complement a new marketing focus.

Under the tagline, ‘Welcome to the Coke Side of Life,’ the US giant will actively promote the healthiness of its most visible product, while alerting consumers to its wider portfolio containing Diet & Vanilla Coke, among others.

The marketing campaign is also expected to highlight the newly unveiled Coke Blak – described by the company as “a blend of unique Coke refreshment with the true essence of coffee…[that] has a rich smooth texture and has a coffee-like froth when poured.”

In addition, the marketing spotlight is expected to shift from core Coke products, to less identifiable Cola offerings like Coke Blak, as well as energy drinks and juice drinks, such as Vita.

Whether the company benefits with consumers through its initiatives on global warming, energy efficiency, water conservation and most recently Katrina relief, remains to be seen.


12th December 2005

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