Freelancers log-on to virtual ad agency

The UK’s freelance professionals are being invited to a virtual forum that lets the visiting public decide the best slogans, brand image and product names for their small business.

Adcandy originally took to the Internet as forum for the American public to comment on famous brand names.

Yet dialogue about slogans, product and company image has transformed the service into a valuable tool for small business owners.

Now its founder Per Hoffman has invited small entrepreneurs and start-ups in the UK to join the branding debate, in a bid to give company owners access to the wide consultation taken for granted by big business.

The costly burden on entrepreneurs to research product names, slogans or company image by hiring a consultant is also wavered, as Adcandy offers free customized slogans and advertising content for small to mid-sized companies.

“Advertisers in the US are very set in their ways,” said Mr Hoffman, speaking to Freelance UK.

“That's why I've created Adcandy-- to empower, if ever so slightly, the outsider.”

Admitting he himself is a “complete outsider to the advertising industry,” Mr Hoffman said his service is based around the idea of letting the clientele of tomorrow decide the best names and slogans for a company owner.

For UK users, the service could empower a self-employed professional to test their brand idea or product name on consumers in the US and elsewhere around the globe, before they launch it onto the domestic market.

“Why not let your future customers set the course for your brand?” asked Hoffman, who claims 4500 users are already regularly logging-on to rate ads, slogans and monikers.

He added that currently the focus of the online postings and the free service for company owners concentrates on slogans, taglines and brand-name generation.

Already the site is shaking up traditional advertising and marketing sectors, itself being branded as a “part marketing tool, part market research device and idea generator.”

Taking to the superhighway with its initial US-focus, the site declared it was “partnering with the greatest unrealized source of advertising talent in history: the American consumer.”

“Creativity doesn’t need credentials,” Hoffman commented. “We tap into that place where great, spontaneous art comes from. And in the case of Adcandy, that art is advertising.”

Current features on the site include a competition to design an ad for Coca-Cola, a spoof advert for Apple’s iPod audio player and one visitor in need of a tagline for a forthcoming movie release.

It should be noted that prizes for the competitions are only dispatched to US residents.


16th November 2005

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