'Sexy' poster girls face tough times

Some of Britain’s leading ladies are being dropped from advertising campaigns because their image is playing havoc with the company’s public profile.

Since Europe’s biggest clothing retailer H &M dropped Kate Moss after alleged cocaine abuse, the world’s well known brands have followed suit by dumping actress Elizabeth Hurley and shunning pop star Victoria Beckham from their most public campaigns.

This week both stars have reportedly been denied the chance to promote flagship products, despite long-running associations with the luxury goods they hoped to be marketing.

In Miss Hurley’s case, Estee Lauder have gone on record saying the British-born model is no longer the ‘face’ of the company because she is not ‘sexy’ or ‘exciting enough’, The Daily Mail reports.

A spokesman for the perfume giant said a bid to “vamp up its image and make it more sexy,” means it no longer requires the frontline services of the model, who recently admitted age means she can no longer don revealing outfits that once projected her into the media spotlight.

The 40-year-old will however be in line to promote a range of the French firm’s upcoming skincare products.

Conversely, Estee Lauder said: “Gwyneth Paltrow is new and a bit more exciting,” adding that the Hollywood actress would front the perfume Pleasures, starting on Tuesday with the campaign launch at Selfridges.

The 33-year-old will replace Ms Hurley as the face of the product, in what’s rumoured to be a multi-million-pound contract.

Elsewhere, there is more trouble for poster girls, with news that fashion guru Roberto Cavalli has turned down Victoria Beckham as a possible ‘face’ for his clothes, because decision makers thought she was “too common.”

According to a source obtained by Britain’s biggest newspaper, the fashion king opted for veteran model Kate Moss because “snooty fashion types… thought Posh was too common for Cavalli.”

That’s despite the ex-Spice Girl’s ogling of the six-figure contract - evidenced by her wearing of the Italian’s outfits in recent months.

The same source was implied to suggest Cavalli chose the Croydon-born model fully aware of the publicity it would generate after her cocaine shame, unearthed by The Sun newspaper.


8th November 2005

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