Live tools await wannabe broadcasters

Budding broadcasters are being offered a helping hand from the government with the release of a unique Community Radio Toolkit.

Launched by the minister for creative industries, James Purnell, the kit features everything from how to apply to Ofcom for a community radio licence to technical help and funding advice.

Its offering comes from Manchester based Radio Regan, a community radio charity, which describes the toolkit as the starter for “a powerful force capable of changing communities for the better.”

Community radio stations across the country provide an ultra-local, not-for-profit service, which offers benefits including educational training and experience, social inclusion and wider access for communities to broadcasting opportunities.

Addressing the second annual Community Radio conference Community FM, James Purnell echoed the increasing reach of radio and commended it as a medium for new talent, whether on a global or community scale.

"Technology has changed the world of broadcasting dramatically. People can now listen to radio stations from the other side of the world on the internet,” he said, alluding to how radio benefits “communities by making programmes that relate to their lives.”

He added: "It also makes it easier for people to get involved in broadcasting, ensuring not only that community radio stays relevant to its audience but also that new talent has a home."

The new guidance comes at an exciting time for community radio, as UK regulator Ofcom prepares to award the 50th licence from almost 200 applications to date.

Already the Isles of Scilly and the Orkney Islands are enjoying their own dedicated radio stations for the first time, as part of the 48 licensed community radio stations in the UK.

The Community Radio Toolkit will be online by the end of 2005 at, but print versions are understood to be available through Radio Regan for £20.


24th October 2005

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