Men hire sexy marketers for easier liaisons

Young female marketers who are so go good looking that ‘people automatically trust them’ are being recruited as go-betweens for shy men seeking contact with the opposite sex.

Texas-based entrepreneur Neil Lemmons is offering male clients the chance to woo their unknown counterparts in bars, restaurants and nightclubs by using female ‘wingmen’ skilled in the art of persuasion.

Lemmons, a former marketing executive, says all “super-attractive” female recruits have experience in product promotions, making them ideally equipped to approach women and create a ‘way in’ for their tongue-tied admirers.

Men signing up to the Hot Buddies service are provided their own personal PR agent, who creates a conversational opening, soft and subtle, that the male client then continues with the women he has chosen.

Lemmons believes that no ‘wingman’ – the term for an outgoing male who approaches a woman for a friend, can compete with his offering – because no one knows a woman, quite like a woman.

He explains: “There are certain laws of influence that predict how humans will act in given situations.

“These girls build curiosity and present social proof, two huge factors for attracting other people, females in particular. Also, due to the ‘halo effect,’ others automatically trust ‘good-looking’ people and their judgment.”

Hot Buddies, the service, is open to individuals and groups of men aged between 18-40, who either lack the confidence to initiate conversion with the opposite sex, or are just plain tired from doing so.

The so-called ‘wing women’ are available for an array of social venues, as the service is on offer to men using fitness centres, beauty spas, salons and even local theatres.

According to the company’s own promotional literature, the one condition seems to be that wing women will work at public venues and events “for nice guys only.”

One Hot Bar Buddy claims her natural marketing ability ensures ‘nice guys’ are just too tempting for women to turn down.

“Women know women and can easily say exactly the right thing to ‘promote’ that man, greatly increasing his chances of having a conversation, getting a phone number, making a date, or being invited home,” said Diana Pietra, Hot Buddy employee.

She adds: “In my experience, a girl ‘friend’ makes a man more desirable to other women and when a girl introduces a man, he is always more successful than a man introducing himself.”

Lemmons currently has 20 promotional models serving clients in Denton, Dallas, Addison, and the Fort Worth areas.

The entrepreneur plans to expand his service into more states in the future, with further support due from a website, in a bid to attract wannabe male heartthrobs.


21st October 2005

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