Entrepreneur cashes in on rented revellers

Business is booming for an Indian entrepreneur who offers married couples the chance to rent guests at their joyous occasion.

Ideal for the lonely and intimate, The Best Guests Centre at Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is hoping to extend its empire across the state.

Users of the Centre include families who fear, for one reason or another, most of which are very personal, that they will fall short of wedding guests on their marriage day.

Proprietor M I Syed told the Statesman the demand for his venture stems from the breaking up of joint families and a lack of affection among relatives.

According to reports, the rented guests prance about and enjoy the occasion in the spirit of matrimony so the attended never know they are in the company of strangers.

To ensure the family photo looks authentic, Syed prepares his hired helpers in the relevant attire – whether it is Western clothes or traditional Indian dress.

Like all good entrepreneurs, he also ensures customer satisfaction by briefing the rented revellers on the bride, groom and families before they arrive.


19th August 2005

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