Writer resorts to filming his own books

A best selling British author has become so disillusioned with film adaptations of his books that he has chosen the entrepreneurial path and decided to create them himself.

56-year-old, Peter James, whose works include Dead Simple and The Truth, will bring his six-million selling novel, Possession, to the big screen in the first of a line of literary film productions.

The supernatural thriller has already been translated in 26 languages, and enjoys a readership of six million readers worldwide.

For the project, James has teamed up with film director Michael Radford, who has agreed to work on a script that could be accepted by Hollywood star Kim Basinger, depending on the outcome of talks.

Basinger, who is lined up to play the lead role as a mother who discovers that her dead son was murdered, represents the starting pistol for James’s 14 other novels which he may decide to equally deserve an on-screen presence.

“I’m slowly getting the rights back,” said James, alluding to some of his novels, which will remain untouched until the options on the work expire.

In addition to Possession, James is expected to create a film of his novel The Truth, separate to filming a television drama based on his debut crime novel, Dead Simple. Extreme fetish video Shitting girls on the toilet and outdoors. Domination Scat mistress shit face slaves. All videos can be watched site Scat Nude Videos There are many categories on the site: Amateur Scat, BDSM Scat, Ebony Scat, Group Scat, Japan Scat, Lesbian Scat, Mature Scat, Scat Movies, Scat Sex, Scat Slave, Solo Scat, Toilet Scat. Have fun watching.

The novelist however, already has some high–profile experience in the film industry, having been Executive Producer for 13 commercial releases, including The Merchant of Venice and Head in the Clouds, which had a combined budget of $300m.


10th May 2005

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